Logo Design

Formula Design creates logos that are both unique and appropriate for your organization and industry. We also provide identity packages for companies wanting a complete visual image including print collateral and website design. Maybe, you already have an established brand, but feel the need to transition into a new visual image? We can help.

Our Logo Design Process

Formula Design believes the client should be a big part of the design process. Your company is your baby, and you wouldn't name someone elses baby without a little input from mom and dad, would you? We didn't think so.

We will provide multiple opportunities to collaborate and provide feedback on your new logo design. During the planning stage, we will discuss whether you want a text based logo (think Microsoft), or require a logo mark (like Apple's apple). We'll provide suggestions based on your industry and products or services. Then, we will design multiple option for you to choose from.

You'll want a logo that is unique, simple, and memorable. At first, we work in black and white. This keeps you from choosing a design based on color. Once the logo mark is approved, we'll provide options for fonts, color, and usage... thus building the identity of your company. 

What is Identity?

The Identity of your organization is the combination of your logo, fonts, colors and style. How will the logo look on business cards, letterhead, brochure, website and even t-shirts? Any visual element that helps create the image of your company is your visual identity. Formula Design provides the design and direction needed to make sure your identity is both beautiful and professional.  

OK. What is Branding?

Branding is the perception of your organization by your customers and partners. Over time, brands are established by the company itself. Your services, products and people create relationships; forming your brand. What we do is facilitate the branding process through consistent messaging, information design, and interaction. A logo is just the beginning. 

Without branding, a logo is just text and an icon. Once good branding is established, a logo evolves into the symbolic representaton of your organization. It identifies your company like a name identifies you and your friends. This is why it's important a logo be unique, simple, and easily remembered.