Packaging Design

Your product is special. You know this. We know this. At Formula Design, we make sure your customers know it too. No package is better than the product contained inside, but Formula Design believes first impressions make a difference. We'll make the most of every opportunity to engage your customers, from bags to tags and everything in between.

Package Design

Formula Design is devoted to providing beautiful design, but we know there is more to packaging than pretty pictures. A good package design needs to attract the target audience and stand out from the competition. Understanding both the target market and retail outlets are equally important. We also consider what's inside the package. For instance, if your product requires assembly or explanation, our experts in information design can provide engaging and clear instructions. Our marketing experience gives us an undertanding of how the package can strengthen your brand. We will provide you with multiple options and strategies to make sure your product is seen in the best light.

Prototype Development

Sometimes, you need to see and feel a package design to make sure it is going to work. Formula Design provides package prototypes, so you can experience how the package will look, feel, stack, and pack. If you are manufacturing overseas, you'll need to know how many items you can fit into shipping containers. A protoype can provide you with some clarity on how the packages fit together. We also consider how the product will sit on shelves, or hang on a rack (or both). You may have theft concerns, and we can discuss options for making your package more secure using clam shells and other materials. When it comes to design, we'll leave nothing to chance.

Field Testing

Formula Design uses focus groups, but we also like to take our designs out into the real world... and see how they work. We'll put your wine bottles in the wine aisle at the supermarket, and ask people questions about their first impressions. We'll stack your toy boxes at Target, and see how they stand out next to your competition. Before you spend money on getting the packaging printed, shouldn't you know if it works?

Working together, our designers, developers, and clients do great things. Recently, our San Francisco graphic design team put together some prototypes for a pet bed product and brought it to several pet stores for testing. Our Eugene graphic design firm hired photographers to take the photos of dogs and cats to be used in the designs, while our Seattle graphic design team worked with the company to make sure the designs met their needs. How can we help you succeed? Give us a call or request a quote.