Branding Identity

Branding creates a lasting relationship between a business and its customers. A good brand helps provide direction. A great brand has the ability to inspire. At Formula Design, we believe branding needs to consistently communicate across all mediums, so we specialize in brand development for print, interactive, and broadcast projects. We can help your business develop a brand from scratch or strengthen the brand you already have. The services we provide will respect your brand's integrity while incorporating it into everything we do.

A Good Brand

  • Provides a clear and consistent message 
  • Creates an emotional connection with your target audience
  • Motivates the audience to purchase your product or service
  • Creates a sense of loyalty


What's in a name? At Formula Design, we believe your company deserves a name that fits both the products and services sold, and the people who sell them. We will work with you to develop a naming strategy as part of any new branding process.

Corporate Identity

Identity is the face of your company. The logo, the colors, and the fonts used in your marketing materials are all designed to help your customer learn and remember who you are. Eventually, when they see your logo, an emotion will be invoked, and that emotion is your brand. Formula will make sure the feeling is a good one.

Product Identity

As important as a name and logo are for a company, the same is true for the products the company sells. Formula Design believes that packaging is much more than just, well, the package. We believe what's on the outside must contain the essence of what's on the inside. Packaging is the ultimate and final branding opportunity, so it better be a good one.