Our People

Formula Design is just a name without the people who make it great. Fusing art, passion and technology to create solid brands across multiple mediums is only possible with people who have vastly different skills but can work as a cohesive team.

Gary Blakely | Programmer | Web Developer

Gary is our Microsoft guru, providing expertise on ASP solutions, SQL projects, and VB clients. He's currently utilizing newer technologies such as AJAX and .NET at all tiers from the database to the client. Gary's BA in Anthropology serves him well in management, specification, and interface aspects of development.

Chris Esler | Programmer | Web Developer

Chris's skillset includes XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, Mysql/Postgresql and server-side javascript through Java. With a traditional degree in graphic design, Chris has kept his feet in both the print and web world, designing books for over ten years with a few Addy and EMMA awards to his credit.              

Chris Fregien | Graphic Designer | Illustrator | 3D

Chris has been a professional in the computer gaming industry for over 15 years providing everything from conceptual and interface design to 3D content and animation. He has freelanced as an illustrator and designer for a variety of industries, exercising a wide range of skills in order to meet client needs.

Hugh Ha | Programmer | Web Developer

Mr. Ha holds a BS in Physical Science from UC Berkeley. He has over five years of Web Development experience specializing in XHTML, Javascript, PHP, and database design. He's built multiple Java Web Applications and has two Java Certifications. Hugh builds the widgets and software applications that make the world a better place. 

Eric Johnson | Creative Director | Branding

Eric has an appreciation for all forms of communication, believing good design can tell an entire story in just one frame. He has a design degree from Humboldt State University, and extensive branding experience. Eric is an expert in information design and interactivity. His experience in video and animation keep things dynamic.

Evgeny Marta | Web Developer | Joomla Expert

Evgeny is our Content Managment System guru. He specializes in Joomla, creating all the module magic necessary to make this open source system work with the  crazy designs we give him. He excels at making function look fantastic!

Steve McGuire | Senior Designer | Illustrator

Steve was a freelance illustrator for over 15 years before getting into graphic design. Today, he uses those art skills to enhance our client's brand through illustration and packaging design. He has a knack for creating the perfect information graphic for both product and editorial presentations.

Lane Meadowcroft | Art Director | Branding

The goal of a brand is to develop a consistent voice across all mediums. Lane excels at finding the best solution for each challenge he faces. He has a BS in Graphic Design from San Jose State University, and has over 15 years experience in branding, print, and web design. He specializes in brand identity and packaging.               

Stan Ng | Programmer | Application Developer

Stan has recently fallen in love with Ruby on Rails, but still keeps in touch with Java, PHP, .NET, ASP, and other multi-letter languages. He is an expert with ecommerce, multimedia, and enterprise software development. Database design, Web, and software development are his specialties. He has a Computer Science degree from University of California, Irvine.     

Megan Panchot | Illustrator | Graphic Designer

Megan has a BS in Digital Art from the University of Oregon. Her background in fine art and technical skills makes her a natural at digital illustration and design. She enjoys the challenge of creating graphics that are both functional and beautiful.  

Jamie Strand | Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Jamie has a BA in graphic design and illustration from Western Washington University. Her BS in biology (zoology emphasis) comes in handy when designing brochures for the local zoo and identifying mistakes in our scientific nomenclature. She is an expert at creating brands for both print and Web projects.

Jay Vilhena | Programmer | Application Developer

Jay is our Web application wizard. His ability to undertand the Document Object Model (say what!), and make a complex application work across multiple browsers in multiple operating system is pretty incredible. He also raises oysters.

Betsy | Grass Eater | Company Mascot

Betsy is the Formula Design mascot. She is not really a "people", nor is she an actual cow. We made her up. However, we do think she drives home the concept of branding, and this couldn't be more black and white.