Our Services

Formula Design provides an array of design services focused on brand enhancement. Your business card, website, and television commercial should communicate with the same style and voice.

Services We Provide

  • Logo DesignGood branding requires a unique visual identity. A good logo is the foundation on which the entire brand is built. Our award-winning graphic designers listen to our client’s ideas, research the market, and follow a proven design process.
  • Print DesignWe provide print design and will help facilitate any printing project you have froms tart to finish.
  • Packaging DesignA package design needs to enhance the product, educate the customer, and work within store shelf and shipping requirements. Formula Design knows how to balance beautiful branding with practical structure.
  • Trade Show DesignFormula Design has experience designing and developing trade show concepts: from booths and demos to sales sheets and brochures. We can help you build a cohesive trade show experience.
  • Information DesignMuseum exhibits, interpretive signs, and infographics are just a few of the solutions we provide. Our team has information specialists ready to help refine your message. Talk to us about how we can help with structure choices as well.
  • Web DesignA website is a 24/7 employee working tirelessly for your business. Ecommerce Web sites should communicate your brand, services, and products through a customer friendly user interface. Get the best return on your website investment.
  • Application Design Phones, tablets, TVs, and other smart devices have become an integral part of our everyday experience. Formula Design can build quality applications across multiple platforms to meet your business needs. We build apps for that.
  • Presentation Design From product demos to investor presentations, Formula Design has the skillset necessary to create professional PowerPoint, Keynote, HTML 5, and Flash presentations. It is important to make a good first impression.
  • Motion Design We create motion graphic experiences to enhance the brand you have already established. Videos, commercials, and animations are just a few of the ways motion design can be used to communicate your story, service, or product.

Our Process

Our tagline reads listen, plan, design, inspire. At Formula Design, we follow a process, seeking to learn our client's needs before work begins.


We take into consideration...


Planning ahead helps us avoid pitfalls. We develop ideas before turning on the computer. With educated minds, full of wonder, we start putting the ideas on paper.


The designs go into the computer only when they are ready to send to our clients for feedback. With feedback in hand, we refine the design; working with the client until the design meets their approval.


The final design is released, strengthened by the rigors of iteration.