Our Company

After years working for multiple design firms and companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, we decided to set out on our own in 1997. We believed most design firms were missing one vital component in their design process: adequate client interaction. The idea that "designers know best" was not always the case. After 15 years in business, we still believe this.

Formula Design is founded on the idea that a designer should "listen," plan, design, and inspire. This is our formula. We listen to our client's needs, wants, and dislikes. We study their industry and competition, but always ask for advice... believing our clients know their industry better than we ever could. We are their translators. We are their storytellers.

Of course, listening is not all we do. We feel planning is extremely important, and include our clients in this part of the process as well. We want to avoid designing ourselves into corners. Whether it's a complicated website or a simple logo, a well defined plan can save a client time and money. Our favorite quote is “failing to plan, is planning to fail.”

Finally, we design. Formula relishes the opportunity to create beautiful brands that fit our client’s industry but are flexible enough for the myriad of uses they may endeavor. Our goal is always to exceed our client’s expectations. From bumper stickers to trade show booths, we treat every job the same. Every job is important.

We want to inspire our clients and their customers in the same way they inspire us. Each industry provides new and invigorating challenges. Each medium has its own set of hurdles to jump. We relish the opportunity to provide the best possible solution to every project set before us. We appreciate every client who gives us the trust needed to brand and market their organization. We take this very seriously.

Thanks for reading ~ The Formula Team